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Topic outline

  • Effective Networking

    Learn how networking can help you take control of your career, find a job, or grow your business.

    • L1. Getting started with networking

      Networking happens formally and informally, and can be a useful way to develop and maintain your professional community.

    • L2. Overcoming barriers and gaining confidence

      Confidence is an important part of networking, especially so if you’re doing it face-to-face.

    • L3. Knowing your strengths

      Networking is all about sharing what you’re good at. So, what happens if you’re still not sure what sets you apart from the crowd?

    • L4. Developing your interpersonal skills

      Having strong interpersonal skills can help you communicate and interact with others. By regularly practicing and developing these skills, you’ll also become a better networker too. 

    • L5. Analysing your networks

      Actively networking and gaining lots of new contacts can be a great way to benefit to you or your business. From time to time though, you’ll need to re-evaluate these connections and adapt your networking plan.